Everything that I write in this blog is my own opinion and in no way represents the views of my companies, E2Ma and Spotney.com.  The world of blogging is such that I’d never have the time to check that everybody thought my ideas were kosher.

Any advice that I give is based purely on my experiences as an entrepreneur and is totally influenced by the mood I’m in when I’m writing.  Please don’t accept any of my opinion as fact or your sole guidance to be used for legal purposes, financial planning, hiring, firing or anything else that could get me in trouble if you blamed me.  Just treat it as a datapoint that you mix into your pot of information as you make your decisions.

Also, I am Dutch so not a native English speaker and a bit dyslexic, so sometimes I mess up the spelling of some of my words. Brilliant entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Ingvar Kamprad and Steve Jobs have dyslexia so it runs in the family ;-).