How to Open Every Door?

IMG_0206One of the tasks of being a startup founder is your ability to sell your company to the right people. But have you ever had the problem of not getting access to the right person or hit a road block because you worked the wrong person within the organisation. In this post you will learn what I learned, so you can open every door!

I needed to set up a meeting with a Government official to talk about the Dutch Startup Ecosystem. Normally I would work may way up; from the front desk to the right person. But every time I encountered a road block, and ended up on square one.

I discussed this issue with my friend and business partner Maurice Bakker. He asked me if I know: Up-and-Over?. He explained to me:

Look for an organisation or department which is higher in the chain of command and find a person with little gatekeepers in place (probably lower in this organisation). Talk to this person, he probably gets little attention, and is really helpful and able to recommend you to somebody high in command in the “lower” organisation/department. He will open the door for you!

The great thing of this tactic is that even the little man high in the chain of command can overrule a local MD or CEO.