How To Build Reach?

Last week I analyzed my blog stats. I noticed the impact of social channels. I was wondering how I could build up my reach. Below you can read what I have learned.

Sharing my blog posts on social channels is a great way to get it out. After some desk research I learned I need to share my Blog Posts multiple times on my social channels. So when it’s out, for the first time, I schedule it (either automated or manually).

Here’s my schedule:
•  Twitter: 2 times on day 1, 1 time on days 3 and 5, 1 time per week for 4 weeks
•  LinkedIn: 1 time on day 1, 1 time per week on for weeks 2-4

Beside automated scheduling I use multiple messages. So I can measure what sticks. Here are some ways to design messages:

•  Pull stats from the post
•  Pull quotes from the post
•  Ask a question related to the post
•  Mention the blog author
•  Use a few different versions of the headline
•  Feature the image in the post
•  Share someone’s thoughts on the post (such as a retweet with a comment)
•  Use a relevant hashtag

It’s my first time I am using scheduled messages. So if you have any remarks or lessons,  please post them!

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