Our Startup Building Process

Maurice Bakker and I are working on our Production process for our Startup Factory Holland Startup. This process helps us to:
1. Identify Problems who are big enough to Solve,
2. Find a Customer segment who could provide a Billion Dollar market opportunity,
3. Reach Product/Solution and Product/Market fit, and
4. Transform the startup in a real Company and make it ready for the Scale phase

We have chosen The Lean Method and Lean Manufacturing as a blue print for our production process. The first provides a playbook in Startup development and the second approach, is used and recommended by Toyota, called The Toyota Way, focuses on improving the “flow” of the smooth way in which the products (a Startup) flow through the production process, were continuous variations are reduced. This method focuses on the reduction of waste to continually improving throughput speed (include pull-production (with the aid of “kanban“) and the heijunka box).

Authors like Steve Blank (The Startup Owners Manual) and Eric Reis (The Lean Startup) have provided a playbook for our startup development process. Ash Maurya (Running Lean) thoughts about Problem/Solution fit and Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas provide great add ons to our production process.

When our startups reach Product/Market fit we transform them to Companies and make them ready for the Scale phase. This is the moment our Startups leave the Factory. And they are constantly monitored and coached for maximum performance. We use the insights and tools of Gino Wickman (Traction) to measure, monitor and maximize Traction.

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