Why I Founded Holland Startup

As Serial Entrepreneur you are blessed and cursed at the same time. We are blessed with a strong vision and a well-developed gut feeling. Most of us see problems who are big enough to solve. But a serial entrepreneur is also cursed, because we only can work on one problem at the time. Else we get mixed up, are not focussed, and we end up solving nothing.

During the last fifteen years I have co-founded two Startups. But I had many occasions in which a new business concept boiled up. As a firm believer of focus and commitment I have put every new idea, a side, in my idea book.

Logo Compleet met naam achtergrondWITTwo years ago, when I was going over my Idea Book, I noticed some of my earlier ideas were in fact build by an other entrepreneur. Some of them even received multi million dollars in external funding. It was a shocking experience!

A year later I got inspired after watching a Stanford video about Bill Gross. Bill Gross founded IdeaLab in 1996 and transformed 125 ideas into companies. In the spring of 2014 I informed my co-founder, long time business partner, and friend Richard Musch about my decision to leave Spotney.com to found a new company Holland Startup.

Holland Startup will be the first Venture backed Startup Factory in Holland. Together with a team of professionals and master graduates we will transform my ideas into startups.

And maybe in 20 years from now I can make a video like Bill Gross and explain how it all happened!

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