Childeren are CEO Coaches

CoachMy children are my life! The last weeks during our family vacation, I had the pleasure of spending a vast amount of time with them. I really loved it. As a parent you know that it is not only fun and play, there is a flip side on parenting!

As a parent you need to nurture and educate them. For me parenting is a crash course in leadership. You don’t get a manual on how to raise your kids. You need to figure it out by yourself.

Kids don’t listen to what you say. They do what you do.

You need to lead them by example. They are mirrors on your own behaviour, tactics, and communication skills. If you approach them with an assignment you get an immediate reaction. Or they do what you want them to do, or they don’t. That simple!

They are the best CEO coaches I could think off. As a parent you practice your communication and leadership skills on a daily basis. They are always there and ready to coach.

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