Happy to Go to Work

I am writing this while I am sitting in the trunk of my car. Outside it is raining cats and dogs, and I await the sun.
So I can bring our suitcases and pack our stuff to go home.

It is already three weeks since our vacation started. For me personally it was time to take a break. I was really fat up with the day-to-day hassle. Especially the last couple off weeks where a roller coaster. It all started with the finale conclusion off the Board: we needed to wind-down Spotney.com. Within two-weeks we had agreements signed with all our major suppliers. Accept one: our landlord, he was not willing to accept the fact we needed to pull the plug.

What is it with landlords? Sometimes I think “they” are from an other planet. Yes, I understand they have to oblige their bank covenants, but come one. They still don’t want to accept the fact the World is changed. After some negotiation and lawyer talk we had an agreement and my vacation could commence.

My wife Alice, our two children, and I really enjoyed it. We spent three weeks on our new boat “Equinox”. But now after three weeks I noticed every body is ready to go home. Let’s start something new.