What Works in Email Marketing?

Did you ever want to know what works and what doesn’t in Email Marketing? The people behind MarketingExperiments and Marketingsherpa have shared some of their insights. If you are in the Email Marketing business, or you if want to learn something about Email Marketing, you should watch this movie:

Don’t have the time to watch? Here are some of my take-aways:

  1. Fear of loss, curiosity, and urgency make people open & click emails (subject lines)
  2. In the inbox you don’t compete with your competitor. You compete with the other emails. Try to avoid being deleted (subject line)
  3. Fear of loss is more powerful than a rewards/incentives (subject line & body)
  4. Email content should be in line with subject line, landing page should be in line with email content
  5. Give the right amount of detail, the more complex the product, the more detail. Help them to overcome the friction between the open and click (body)
  6. Make sure you don’t tell the exact specs in the email. For instance if you provide the interest rate in a mortgage email, you have given it all away. You killed your click-rate (body).
  7. Tell your reader what they can expect when they click (body).
  8. Sell the Click (body)
  9. Simplicity is key. If you sell product A say so.
  10. Personalization still works (body)

I am looking forward to your add-ons. If you have anything to contribute, please reply!

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