What do we Need to Build a Startup Ecosystem?

Some days a go I read a post on StartupJuncture.com in which Anne-Wil Lucas of the Dutch liberal party presented a proposal with over 43 measures to improve the Dutch startup ecosystem. I really like here idea. But are these 43 measures sufficient? What do we need to create a thriving Startup Ecosystem? Who are the players in this eco-system?

Brad Feld founder of Techstars explains in a video what is necessary to create a vibrant Startup Ecosystem:

I totally agree with Brad. Besides a government who is entrepreneurial. I believe we also should work on a proper startup ecosystem with down-stream investors and other community members who support and mentor on another.

We need angel investors, who together with accelerator programs help entrepreneurs to get things of the ground. We need micro-VC’s who provide the necessary funding in the early stages. And we need VC’s & PE firms who are ready to help the startups become real companies.

Alle parties need to know there rolls. Angels help to get things of the ground, and VC’s grow companies. So Angels need to be out of the way and sell there equity to later stage investors. As a consequence the later stage investors need to be willing to buy-out the angels. In this way everybody wins.

I am looking forward to understand what you believe we need in Holland?


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