Can you help

Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)A year ago was founded, the community grow to 2.364 Sarcoidosis sufferers. And I believe the community loves what we try to do.  But my personal situation does not allow me to spend more than 1% of my time on this project. So what should I do?

I need to ask for help. I need to build a team who believes, what I believe. But have you ever tried to hire a team of A-players without having the proper funding? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because the only thing you can offer, is a great challenge, a believe, and the satisfaction of being part of something great.

Here we go! needs your help. We need a:

  • “Hacker” (a developer) with a bachelor or masters degree who can build functional prototypes and do some data analytics,
  • “Hipster” (a designer & user experience (UX) specialist) who improves the user experience so our new community members on Facebook, activate and fill out the surveys on
  • “Hustler” (online & social marketing) our “growth hacker”. He or she needs to scale member acquisition by using different distribution methods (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare and E-Mail Marketing).

If you believe what I believe, please send an e-mail to or go to the contact page.