First quarterly checkup

Today I went to the hospital for my first quarterly checkup. I realized it was already 3 months since I have been diagnosed having Sarcoidosis, this f….ng inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ in the body. Sorry for my harsh statement…

I feel lucky all metrics are going down and it is still only in my lymp nodes. To be honest I was not surprised my doctor informed me about the lower parameters, I am feeling much better than 3 months ago. Then I could talk less than two minutes without being exhausted, now I can work the hole day and only need to sleep for an hour in the afternoon. I am not cured, but as I understand; that’s not possible with Sarcoidosis, you can be in remission but you will never cure from this disease…

Already 3 months… this means my side project is also in its first quarter since inception.

Some metrics:


Organs Involved


Freq Number of Organs Inflamed